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Utility Pipe Finders - "State of the Art HydroVac Excavators" - change the way we think about excavation. Our Premier CAT excavator uses heated, high-pressure water to cut through dirt and rock while vacuuming up this soil slurry into a storage tank for clean removal. We strive on using the best-in-industry products in order to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction.

The fastest,
most efficient hydro truck available.


Designed to operate in
subzero conditions.


Changing the way you think
about safe excavation.


What is hydro excavation?

Hydro Excavation is the process of removing dirt with pressurized water and a vacuum.  One of the biggest challenges of excavating is to avoid damaging other buried utilities. With this new technology it allows for non-invasive digging to occur, saving companies money by avoiding damage claims. This method originated in Canada where they needed a way to dig into frozen ground; of which a typical form of excavating would not be possible. Once this dirt is removed from the ground and sucked into the mounted tank on the truck it is then either dumped at site or offsite.


  • Benefits

    Best Practices - The preferred method of digging that provides the most efective and accurate results.

    Being more efficient means less labor costs.

    More accurate means less chance for damage incidents which can put safety at risk.

    Less damage done to buried utilites and other structures which if struck can cause down time leading to costly repairs and restorations.

  • Safety

    Before we do any digging we double-check that the utilites were properly marked and any potential hazards were disclosed.

    Keep all our health and safety policies up to date.

    Comply with Federal, State, Local and any other requirements deemed critical for the job.

    Have proper safety attire to protect our operators.

    Report, identify, and fix any safety hazards or unsafe work conditions.

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